from by pilot chmielarczyk

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you said that you're tired, i know you're not tired
and you're just a liar, yeah, you're just a liar
i'm up until past two, i stay in my bedroom
there's nothing to do, i wish i were with you

it's not like i need you, i just want to see you
and don't kid yourself cause you want to see me too
cause sleeping is boring, you know it just bores me
i try to ignore it, i try to ignore it

and we never thought it out
and i'm still not thinking now

our fingers are touching, you fake like you're blushing
cause laughing is easier than saying you love me
and maybe you don't but i think that you do cause
you're looking at me like i'm better than christmas

i'm kind of a dick, you're kind of a shithead
we skirt round the things that we stick up in our heads
it's probably not healthy but i'm not too worried
cause neither of us ever cared that much did we

started talking toward the end of may
i guess that july just got in the way
september now and things are fine
but i've got a lot on my mind
and still somehow i think i'll be okay

you said that you're tired, i know you're not tired
you're never around and if that doesn't change then
i won't be either, i won't be either

i said that i'm tired, you know i'm not tired
and i'm just a liar, i'm just a liar


from tired, track released November 20, 2013
produced by maxton stenstrom




pilot chmielarczyk Santa Fe, New Mexico

pilot is a 17 year old musician from santa fe, new mexico.

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